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The Italian Society for Law and Literature (ISLL) was established in June 2008 at CIRSFID—the Interdepartmental Centre for Research in the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Law and in Computer Science & Law, based at the Bologna University School of Law—and is conceived as a network designed to promote the study of Law & Literature and, more broadly, Law & the Humanities. Its main objective is to establish contacts among scholars interested in this approach, so as to encourage an exchange of ideas and to support research and institutional initiatives on the national and international stage.




15/09/2014 Arrêts sur images. Les représentations du juge au cinema - CALL FOR PAPERS
Depuis peu, les juristes mais aussi les théoriciens et philosophes du droit ont commencé à s’intéresser au cinéma et aux représentations du droit et de la justice qu’il véhicule. Ce mouvement est certes plus développé dans le monde anglo-saxon, au sein duquel on le désigne souvent au moyen de l’appellation « Law & Films », mais des initiatives allant dans cette direction ont également pris place, ces dernières années, dans les cultures de droit continental et en particulier dans le monde francophone. Cependant, la figure du « juge » au cinéma n’a pas encore été vraiment étudiée de façon directe et spécifique, alors qu’elle est incontournable au sein de notre pensée et de notre expérience du droit et de la justice, et qu’elle a en outre régulièrement retenu l’attention des cinéastes. ... Les propositions d’exposés devront parvenir aux organisateurs pour le 15 septembre 2014.
06/09/2014 Torre Pellice e Bobbio Pellice
Summer School in Law and Humanities
Dal 24 agosto al 6 settembre 2014, a Torre Pellice e Bobbio Pellice, avrà luogo il Corso di Antropologia filosofico-giuridica, in Law and Humanities, a cura del Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza e del Centro “Diritto Religioni e Le5eratura” (DIREL-ISLL) dell’Università di Torino in collaborazione con l’Osservatorio sull’Antropologia della Libertà (ALI), e dell’Associazione Polis. In allegato il programma delle lezioni.
31/07/2014 Visual Narratives – Cultural Identities. A trans- and interdisciplinary conference at the University of Hamburg. CALL FOR PAPERS
Increasingly, cultural studies focus on stories and the narration of stories as important catalysts for the constitution, confirmation, and modification of cultural identities. Not only in times of what seems like floods of images but since images are made a large part of these stories and narratives is communicated by visual media. Constantly it can be observed that elaborate iconographic programs are developed to establish specific meanings more or less successfully as essential elements of cultural identities. To analyse and interpret visual media from such a perspective it is, on the one hand, necessary to develop categories to describe their narrative aspect.On the other hand methods have to be explored which facilitate cultural interpretations of visual narratives and which may decode the deeper meanings transmitted – also from times and epochs long gone. Finally, it has to be considered how narrative contents participate in the construction of cultural identities. Other details can be seen in the attached file. The deadline is at 31 July 2014.
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