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2020 (Vol. 13)


Giuseppe Auletta, Vino nuovo in otri vecchi? Brevi riflessioni sugli “effetti” di un reality show nel diritto matrimoniale [New Wine into Old Bottles? Brief Reflections on the "Effects" of a Reality Show in Matrimonial Law]

This work is inspired by a judicial case that was decided by Tribunale di Pavia, involving the validity of a marriage celebrated during a famous reality show. The work begins examining the difference of opinion between the Court (that deemed the marriage valid) and some authors (that considered it invalid, because celebrated ludendi causa) to analyze the problem philosophically, applying categories like reality, fiction, simulation, representation, etc. The paper ends with a proposal to avoid the simple application of old categories to new facts and suggests opening a debate about new norms to manage new phenomena.


Giuseppe Giudici , La lingua giuridica ne La Cognizione del Dolore [Legal language in Acquainted with Grief]

Acquainted with Grief by Carlo Emilio Gadda is a baroque-style novel featured by a wide recourse of legal terminology which is still an undiscovered aspect in the studies concerning Gadda. In this novel, references to imaginary laws and regulations are a leitmotiv. Gadda uses legal language both to depict the various situations of daily life and express moral values. In identifying five legal areas in the novel (contracts, statutes, property, trade, criminal law), the article aims to discover how legal language can contribute to plot the human discomfort.


Luigi Viola, Macbeth, il bosco di Birnam e la responsabilità civile della p.a. [Macbeth, the Birnam forest and the civil liability of the p.a.]

Taking a cue from the now historic doctrinal debate about the analogy between the Birnam forest and the transformation of decisions of courts on civil liability, the article aims to compare civil liability of the public administration with some represented aspects in the Macbeth by Shakespeare.


Vittorio Capuzza, Intorno a un inedito frammento autografo di Agnolo Firenzuola, il letterato giurista [Around an unpublished autograph fragment by Agnolo Firenzuola, a literate lawyer]

The present note involves an unpublished until now autograph fragment by Agnolo Firenzuola, a famous writer of the Italian Renaissance. This notary deed drawn up by Firenzuola represents another important evidence of the existing bridge between literature and law.


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