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12/05/2021 Lisbon (Portugal)
“Mosaic: an Approach to Law and Literature” – A conversation piece with James BOYD WHITE
With the support of the ISLL (Italian Society of Law and Literature) and the ATFD (Portuguese Association for Legal Theory, Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, the Portugueses IVR Section), the UCILeR (within its research area "Law and Time") will welcome, on the next May 12th, at 3 pm (4 pm in Italia), Professor James Boyd White (L. Hart Wright Collegiate Professor Emeritus of Law, University of Michigan Law School). The webinar will integrate the lecture "Mosaic", a sequence of brief comments (which will bring some "surprises"!), and a dialogue with the audience. It is a unique opportunity to hear the author of Keep Law Alive considering (with an unmistakable perspective) some of the great challenges that the contemporary world imposes on Law.. Free participation upon registration at After registration the link will be sent.
06/05/2021 Milano (Italy)
‘This Has Been’: Art, Memory, Reparation. The Uneven Path towards Implementing the Washington Principles in Europe
The ASGP (Università Cattolica di Milano) organizes an international webinar on Art, Memory, Reparation. As an artwork cannot be reduced to its material and economic value, so the restitution of the objects forcibly taken under the Nazi regime is first and foremost duty of remembrance and reparation of suffered injustice, a commitment to mend human relationships – between victims and their communities of origin, between artworks and their history, between past and present – that is indispensable to preserve the very culture and values of liberal democratic societies. For these reasons the conference aims at fostering thoughtful reflection on the current state of implementation of the Washington principles in Europe, particularly by comparing the experiences of three key countries – Italy, Switzerland, and Germany – that have been most directly involved in the whirling circulation of cultural objects which preceded, accompanied and followed WWII. The final section of the conference will also try and investigate the relationship between the restitution of ‘looted memory’ and art as a way of remembrance, restitution, and reparation.
30/04/2021 Catania (Italy)
Metafore dell’ordine nell’ultimo Kafka
Alberto Andronico ha segnalato il webinar Metafore dell'ordine nell'ultimo Kafka con una relazione di Fabrizio Sciacca (Università di Catania). L'incontro si terrà il giorno 30 aprile 2021, ore 18.00, e rientra nell'ambito del Corso di Diritto e Letteratura tenuto da Salvatore Amato e Alberto Andronico dell'Università degli Studi di Catania. Per partecipare, è sufficiente collegarsi a Microsoft TEAMS: Ulteriori informazioni sono disponibili nella locandina che è pubblicata sulla pagina web della SIFD:
11/03/2021 Milano (Italy)
Sacrificio, forza e debolezza ne “La Peste” di Camus
L’Alta Scuola “Federico Stella” sulla Giustizia Penale - ASGP invita a partecipare al secondo webinar del Ciclo seminariale Giustizia e letteratura (Law and Literature) su "Sacrificio, forza e debolezza ne “La Peste” di Camus". Il webinar si terrà l'11 marzo 2021 (ore 15.00 – 18.30). Per partecipare è necessario confermare la propria presenza come indicato nel programma, cui si rinvia direttamento al sito.
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