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10/05/2021 Newton Fellowships for recent PhDs
Professor Maksymilian Del Mar, a colleague from the School of Law, Queen Mary University of London, informs us that the British Academy has recently released a call for Newton International Fellowships. These are highly competitive and prestigious 2-year fellowships for recent doctoral graduates (within 7 years of their Ph.D.) currently working outside of the UK, and who want to spend time researching in the UK. The deadline is 16 June. Anyone who is interested in applying for the Fellowship to be hosted at Queen Mary University of London is welcome to make informal inquiries to Prof. Del Mar: Prof Del Mar would especially welcome inquiries from exceptional PhD graduates with an interest in working at the intersection of law, literature and philosophy. As the deadline is short, anyone interested would need to email with a CV, and a 2-page idea for the Fellowship project by Monday 17 May.
12/05/2021 Lisbon (Portugal)
“Mosaic: an Approach to Law and Literature” – A conversation piece with James BOYD WHITE
With the support of the ISLL (Italian Society of Law and Literature) and the ATFD (Portuguese Association for Legal Theory, Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, the Portugueses IVR Section), the UCILeR (within its research area "Law and Time") will welcome, on the next May 12th, at 3 pm (4 pm in Italia), Professor James Boyd White (L. Hart Wright Collegiate Professor Emeritus of Law, University of Michigan Law School). The webinar will integrate the lecture "Mosaic", a sequence of brief comments (which will bring some "surprises"!), and a dialogue with the audience. It is a unique opportunity to hear the author of Keep Law Alive considering (with an unmistakable perspective) some of the great challenges that the contemporary world imposes on Law.. Free participation upon registration at After registration the link will be sent.
30/04/2021 Catania (Italy)
Metafore dell’ordine nell’ultimo Kafka
Alberto Andronico ha segnalato il webinar Metafore dell'ordine nell'ultimo Kafka con una relazione di Fabrizio Sciacca (Università di Catania). L'incontro si terrà il giorno 30 aprile 2021, ore 18.00, e rientra nell'ambito del Corso di Diritto e Letteratura tenuto da Salvatore Amato e Alberto Andronico dell'Università degli Studi di Catania. Per partecipare, è sufficiente collegarsi a Microsoft TEAMS: Ulteriori informazioni sono disponibili nella locandina che è pubblicata sulla pagina web della SIFD: